Height: 5\'9"

Email: joe@joezarrow.com

Union status: EMC

Joe on Actor's Access


Chicago PD Kent Kosar NBC
The Patient The Doctor (lead) Lunaform Productions (d. Ben Krueger)
Sweet Hitchhiker The Hitchhiker (lead) I've Got a Bat Productions (d. Kevin Riordan)
Finders Keepers Sick Shoe NYU Grad Film Short (d. Sasha Gordon)
Game Club Nigel (lead) Tribeca Flashpoint Acad. Film Short (d. Henry Pearson)
The Soul Mate Alvy New School Grad Film Short (d. Paola Romagnani)
Wilson Dow Group Husband of Terminally Ill Woman d. Mickey Lesueur
Greentown Productions Frank the Incompetent Sales Associate d. Thad Vassmer
Miller Creative Business Traveler d. Mark Carter
DuPont Maintenance Worker d. Mike Stahl


Conflict list available upon request.


Comedy of Tenors Max Tipping Point Theatre (d. Angela Kane Ferrante)
The Totalitarians Jeffrey Jefferson Theatre Nova (d. Carla Milarch)
This Alan Windy City Playhouse (d. Carl Menninger)
No Wake Teddy/Roger (u/s) Route 66 (d. Kimberly Senior)
Tony Kushner Considers Writing a Gay Fantasia Based on National Themes Tony Kushner Goodman Playwrights Unit (d. Seth Bockley, reading)
Jerusalem is Beautiful Dylan Kickshaw Theatre (d. Lynn Lammers, reading)
Bulrusher Schoolch Congo Square (d. TaRon Patton)
A Midsummer Night\'s Dream Bottom Sankofa Theatre (d. Edgar Sanchez)
Buddy Cop 2 Officer Don McMurchie Pavement Group (d. Cassy Sanders)
Arcadia Ezra Chater New Leaf Theatre (d. Jessica Hutchinson)
State & Madison: The Grid Edward Brennan Theatre Seven (d. Jen Green)
Unwilling and Hostile Instruments Ensemble Theatre Seven (d. Elly Green)
Raskol Detective Perfidy Vintage Theatre Collective (d. David Amaral)
Walk Two Moons John/Mr. Birkway Adventure Stage (d. Matthew Reeder)
So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Bud Dailey Pavement Group (d. William Rogers)
Movie Theater Parking Lot Tim/Dad Pavement Group (d. Kathryn Walsh)
Kitchen Man Walkabout (dev. Dani Bryant)
War of the Genies Nigel the Evil Genie (reading) Adventure Stage (d. Joanie Schultz)
200 Funny Things Ensemble (improv show) Collaboraction (d. Steven Ivcich)
Hiawatha\'s Photographing Hiawatha Caffeine Coffeehouse (d. Brian Bell)
Dover, New Hampshire Joe Pavement Group (d. Jonathan Green)
Crowded House Leonard Woolf State Theatre (d. Siciliano/Speicher)
Do Not Do This Ever Again Ensemble (reading) Dog & Pony (d. Stephen Ptacek)
We Live Here Doug, Bartman (workshop) Theatre Seven (d. Bordelon/Sanders)
Lies and Liars Marcel Theatre Seven (d. Bordelon/Sanders)
Sketchbook 8 Bell Ensemble Collaboraction (d. Anthony Moseley)
Parking Justice Lead Puppeteer (After Dark) Collaboraction (d. Seth Bockley)
Iowa Ted the Tech Guy (reading) Sanscullotes Theater Company (d. Libby Ford)
Looptopia Mad Scientist Redmoon (d. Seth Bockley)
The Seagull Treplev Another Theater Company (NYC, d. Michael Kier)
As You Like It Adam/Corin/Sir Oliver Gorilla Rep (NYC, d. Lauren Edgar)
To Be a Black Man in America Game Show Host Ujamaa Black Theater Company (NYC, d. Titus Walker)
Spring Awakening Moritz Brown U. (d. Paul Grellong)
Jesus Christ Superstar Annas (priest) Brown U. (d. Eric Green)
Dangerous Liaisons Azalon Brown U. (d. Alejandro Aixala)
A Flea in her Ear Doctor Finache Brown U. (d. Spencer Golub)
Moon Under Miami Reggie Kayak Brown U. (d. Judith Swift)


Full-Length Plays

Principal Principle d. Scott Bishop World Premiere: Stage Left/Theatre Seven, 2014
Jeff Award Nomination: Best New Work
Principal Principle d. Heidi Handelsman Brown/Trinity Playwrights Rep
Principal Principle d. Sheila Summers Dolphin Theatre (Auckland, NZ)
Principal Principle d. Suzanne Cohen Mirror Stage Seattle (reading)
Principal Principle d. Ben Brownson Theatre Seven of Chicago (reading)
Principal Principle d. Stephen Landry Acadiana Repertory Theatre (reading)
The Absent Minded d. Steve Peebles Shattered Globe Theatre (reading)
The Absent Minded d. Dennis Frymire The Ruckus Theatre (reading)
The Pigeons d. Cassy Sanders Walkabout Theater Company
The Pigeons d. Rebecca Zellar Stage Left (reading)

Short Plays

Everythingaoke d. Elly Green LiveWire - VisionFest
Kodak Shirley d. Ben Brownson Broken Nose Theatre - Bechdel Fest
Overnight Parking Ban, in Effect d. Sarah Swift Collaboraction - Sketchbook
Roll d. Eric Turner Tympanic Theatre - Today We Escape
Ferrotitanium d. Kate Lester Station Nation (Providence, RI, conceived by Erik Ehn)
At the Old Ball Game d. Stephen Anderson Chicago Dramatists (Saturday series)
The Staircase d. Bettie Stegall The Source Theater (Washington, DC)

Original Solo Shows

Hold Me, Drill Me, Kiss Me d. Chris Hayes and Alix Sobler Chicago, Winnipeg, DC
Dead White Men in Bed d. Liz Hayes NYC, Providence


"What Inspired You as a Writer This Season?" The Dramatist, Vol. 17 No. 5.5. June 2015.
Principal Principle. Dramatic Publishing. 2015.


The School at Steppenwolf - Summer 2014

On-Camera - Shannon Cochran, Matthew Miller, David Murphy

Meisner - Amy Morton, Audrey Francis, Darci Nalepa, Mark Cohen

Improv - Sheldon Patinkin, Susan Messing, Ed Illades, iO (levels 1-2)

Shakespeare/Folio Technique - Susan Hart, Jeffrey Carlson, Bob Mason, Nick Sandys

Voice - Kate DeVore, Peggy Mollenero

Viewpoints - Jon Berry

Text Analysis - Tim Hopper

Monologues - Kimberly Senior

Feldenkrais - Suzanne Thompson

Chekhov - Zeljko Djukic

Clown - Paola Coletto, Jane Nichols

Devised/Physical Theatre Workshop - Jonathan Walters, Hand2Mouth

Brown University (magna cum laude)

Solo performance - Lowry Marshall

Dramaturgy - Oskar Eustis

Alexander - Kristen Davis

Skills and Miscellaneous Information

Dialects, jazz bass, taught middle and high school for seven years and still really enjoys working with children, driver\'s license, passport, moderate French, moderate Zulu, moderate HTML/CSS/PHP, can work without glasses