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The Totalitarians

by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

directed by Carla Milarch

Theatre Nova

"I felt almost guilty for laughing so hard." Kym Reinstadler, Encore Michigan

"Zarrow's all-in performance was, for me, the true standout." Jenn McKee, We Love Ann Arbor


by Melissa James Gibson

directed by Carl Menninger

Windy City Playhouse

"Zarrow displays a natural comedic timing and ease." Raymond Pierce, Chicago Stage Standard

"It's a testament to Zarrow's standout performance that Alan never feels like a trope, conveying with gentle smiles and a few barbs what a mixed blessing his perfect memory can be." Allison Shoemaker, Time Out Chicago

"The real standouts however, are Amy Rubenstein (Jane) and Joe Zarrow (Alan). Their complexities are so strong and unique, we can't help but latch on." Sean Margaret Wagner, Windy City Times

Buddy Cop 2

by the Debate Society

directed by Cassy Sanders

Pavement Group

"The three who deserve the most praise are the trio at the center of the story: Cyd Blakewell, Gabriel Franken, and Joe Zarrow, playing three small-minded but well-meaning small-town cops, each of whom wants desperately to turn the story of a young girl dying of a mysterious disease at Christmas into a heartwarming made-for-TV movie." Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader (Recommended)


by Tom Stoppard

directed by Jess Hutchinson

New Leaf Theater

"★★★★" Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

"★★★★" Katy Walsh, Chicago Theater Beat

"Joe Zarrow is quite good as Chater, the cuckolded wanna-be poet and would-be rival of Septimus. This is a part that does require an air of blustery farce, and Zarrow delivers to a tee." Alex Huntsberger, Centerstage

State and Madison: The Grid

by Marisa Wegrzyn

directed by Jen Green

part of Theatre Seven's Chicago Landmark Project

"[A] fabulous little play." Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Hold Me, Drill Me, Kiss Me

an original dental solo show

"★★★★ Mr. Zarrow is a courageous and ambitious fellow...Zarrow's dentists appear to be relatively sane; it's he who is nuts." Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene

"★★★★" - The Winnipeg Sun

"★★★★ No need for nitrous oxide...writer-performer Joe Zarrow gets you laughing the natural way, with his rapid-fire patter, sharp comic timing and engaging storytelling." - CBC Radio

John in Walk Two Moons, Adventure Stage

Schoolch in Bulrusher, Congo Square